Охуенный Кыргызстан

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Я назову этот канал "Счастливый Кыргызстан", когда увижу счастье в глазах наших людей. Пишу хуйню всякую.
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Киргизия, Русский

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20.07.2018 10:50
18 Oct 2017, 16:30 (1078 дней назад)
Думаю пришло время вбухивать в вас чёрствый язык, дабы ваши души отражали не только мелонхоличный СССР. Мой стих о том, как мы убили в себе человечность, и боготворили расизм и шовинизм.

The absence of light, the absence of any life.
Only you and me standing on the bridge alive.
Sensing your shame, anger, fear, innocent love.
And heavily breathing waiting for the sun to rise.

A shame to be born black, yellow, red or white.
An anger to be a man, a woman or either of two alike.
A fear to be who you truly are behind this playful smile.
And sitting on the edge we still wait for the simple love.

Look at what’ve become: greedy, envious, blindly ambitious.
Disgracing those who do not look like us, who are different.
Fighting against who, those who dream as you do?
Those who breath and feel the same as you too?

Let us end this futile war and start just living,
The life, where your and my story would not be erased.
The story our children would be proud to embrace.
Since there are no nations, there is only a human race.

So, my dear friend, let’s wait for the sun to shine.
With a light there is no more yours and mine,
No more his and hers or us and them
With the first sunshine there is only ours…