Охуенный Кыргызстан

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Я назову этот канал "Счастливый Кыргызстан", когда увижу счастье в глазах наших людей. Пишу хуйню всякую.
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Киргизия, Русский

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20.07.2018 10:50
7 Aug 2018, 03:12 (784 дня назад)
The light goes through rotten windows
Just keep fucking every shade of darkness
The wind keep blowing, keep freezing
Freezing every cell of my old brain to death

Flies are greedily sucking the stinky red wine
Spiders are occupying those disgusting walls
Spreading the web, spreading new lives
And somewhere in the silence time keep flying

Bloody skin is ageing, and dark hair is turning grey
Dead skin cells in dust are filling up the ashtray
Life is sliced into colourless origami by slimy time
And all I have left is my memory in distasteful grime

In those memories? Well, I am young
I still sing, I still dance and I still run
In those memories? Well, I am real
I still love, I still hate, and I still fucking feel…