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Your Unofficial Guide to Kyrgyz Republic
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17.08.2018 21:37
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It's been 2,5 years since GO KG's launch. When work on GO KG started, there even was no official country website yet. The mission behind GO KG was two things really — becoming an unofficial country website and being a first Kyrgyz travel media in English.During this time GO KG has managed to gain some traction even with minimal amount of content, most of the time being a one-man media. And while there are many great ideas and a great potential for development, unfortunately there's not much time to devote to the project at the moment.So it makes sense to have GO KG backed by some party with resources to develop and scale it further. I believe it can become a major media about the country as a first stage and later open the entire Central Asian region for travelers. I would rather see it develop and expand in someone else's hands rather than stagnate in mine. So I am considering passing it over to good hands capable of growing it further for a symbolic price. As I see it, GO KG would become a perfect fit for travel companies operating in the region. Please feel free to contact me at da@gokg.asia for details. Thank you.

Daniel Abdyldaev
GO KG Founder

via Your Unofficial Guide to Kyrgyz Republic - GO KG https://ift.tt/2TT8xsv
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